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Colourful muses, colourful muns.

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Name:Team Pastel
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A place for roleplaying whatever we want!
Welcome to our lovely little musebox, modded by Emily ([personal profile] notsopsychic) and Becky ([personal profile] bonerfuneral)!

Characters played here (alphabetical order):

[Name - Username - Player's name]

Aldin Kavus - [personal profile] viscount_kavus - Keenan
Amal/Amira Raboud - [personal profile] booksnbooze - Becky
Anders Waldorf - [personal profile] prisoncellblues - Becky
Austin Cheng - [personal profile] psychicpsycho - Emily
Jack Martin - [personal profile] notsopsychic - Emily
Julian Cohen - [personal profile] etherealed - Becky
Michelangelo Paisley Parker - [personal profile] liketheninjaturtle - Becky
Oscar Morales - [personal profile] jailbroken - Emily
Raziel Morningstar - [personal profile] badangel - Becky
Wesley Graves - [personal profile] husbear - Becky & Emily
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